Scottish Tablet


  1. 900g Caster Sugar
  2. 250ml Full Fat Milk
  3. 110g Butter
  4. 1 (379g) Tin of Condensed Milk


  • Place the sugar and milk in an exceedingly massive pan over a delicate heat. Stir often till all the sugar has dissolved. Pre-grease a 13x9 in. receptacle with a generous quantity of butter and put aside.
  • Once all the sugar has dissolved add the butter and permit to soften.
  • once the butter has liquid, add the milk and blend well. Increase the warmth and stir endlessly whereas the mixture boils and reaches Soft-Ball stage (120°c) on your measuring system.
  • take away from the warmth and permit the mixture to settle a touch before beating. Beat with a wood spoon within the pan till the mixture if virtually setting. this might take an honest little bit of beating!
  • Transfer to your pre-greased receptacle and unfold equally to the edges/corners.
  • Leave to line for a minimum of a handful of hours however ideally nightlong. If you would like showing neatness cut squares/bars of pill score your pill in your required size/shape regarding half-hour into setting. as an alternative you'll be able to merely break the pill into individual servings once set for a a lot of rustic feel.

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