Perfect Fat Fast CheeseCakes


1 x 8oz of Softened Cream Cheese
1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
2 Tbl of Splenda
1 x Egg


  • In a bowl mix all on top of ingredients until swish, I gave the cheese, seasoning and splenda a fast style before I additional the egg simply to form certain i used to be glad with the flavour. Then line the receptacle with six cake liners and divide the batter equally. I gave the pan a fast faucet on the counter before putting it within the kitchen appliance, I don’t very apprehend why i believed to try to to this however i believe its to urge obviate any air bubbles? Bake at 350F for twenty minutes, you'll leave it in longer if you wish the highest to brown a touch. Then allow them to cool to temperature and store within the electric refrigerator.

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