Valentine’s Snack Mix


  • mini pretzels
  • popcorn (air-popped)
  • cereal (chex, cherrios, or your choice)
  • peanuts (or a nut of your choice)
  • M&Ms or other candies
  • sprinkles
  • white chocolate, or white candy melts
  • pink candy melts


  • In your largest bowl, or an outsized cooking pan, combine all ingredients except the M&M's, sprinkles, and candy melts. don't over fill your dish, you'll want area to toss the ingredients along.
  • soften white candy melts (or white chocolate) in a very microwave safe dish (at five hundredth power) in thirty second intervals till nearly thawed. Stir till utterly thawed and swish. Pour the thawed chocolate over the dish of snacks and so stir, stir, stir! It's up to you if you would like the combination to be wholly coated, or gently coated (depending on the quantity of thawed chocolate you use).
  • once the snacks area unit equally coated, pour entire mixture out onto a baking sheet (or 2 if needed).
  • directly (while the coating remains heat and melty) add sprinkles and M&M's. they'll follow a number of the clusters because the chocolate cools (this could be a sensible thing).
  • If desired, soften another color of candy melts (in this case, I used pink), and drizzle the coloured candy melts over the snack combine because it cools. this may add a touch a lot of color.
  • enable snack combine to chill and chocolate (and candy melts) to line up (about thirty minutes). Once cool, break apart as required associate degreed store in an airtight bag or instrumentation.


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