Easy Healthy Leprechaun Hats

 To make these Leprechaun Hats you will need:

Yellow Bell pepper
White Cheese (I used Provolone)
Honey (or agave syrup)
Small square cutter
A knife


1. Take your cucumber and cut one in. cylinders (approximately). One cylinder can create 2 hats.

2. Stand your cucumber cylinders straight up and curtail the center. Lay them flat, cut facet down. Those are going to be the tiptop of your pixie hats.

3. With the remainder of your cucumber cut some cucumber sticks, slightly larger than your cylinders. Those are going to be the lip of your hats. (cut a cucumber cylinder larger than your topper cylinders. Cut those in [*fr1], and so move create cucumber sticks).

4. together with your little sq. cutter cut a couple of few squares out of yellow bell pepper.

5. With a knife cut some strips of cheese. I simply eyeballed it--there extremely is not any got to be precise. If it's too long you'll perpetually cut it shorter :)

6. Assemble the hats: you would like [*fr1] a cucumber cylinder, one cucumber stick, one yellow bell pepper sq. and one piece of cheese. you'll use a bit little bit of honey or xerophile nectar to "glue" down the cheese and bell pepper, if desired. I used a pick and dabbed some honey wherever the cheese was planning to be place.

And that's it! These pixie Hats ar artistic, fun, straightforward and healthy! excellent for St. Patrick's Day. we are going to undoubtedly be creating a lot of of those....being that Eliana Ate all up already :)

source http://recipetocooking.blogspot.com/2019/03/easy-healthy-leprechaun-hats.html

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