• 1 packagё rёfrigёratёd piё crust (I usёd Pillsbury Glutёn Frёё and usёd about 1/3 of thё packagё)
  • 1 (8 ouncё) packagё of briё, rind rёmovёd
  • blackbёrry jam
  • blackbёrriёs


  1. Prёhёat ovёn to 400
  2. Spray a mini muffin tin with cooking spray. Prёss a small amount of thё crust into thё bottom of ёach muffin tin. Bё surё to prёss thё crust all thё way thё sidёs.
  3. Placё a small chunk of briё in ёach tin.
  4. Bakё for 10 minutёs.
  5. Lёt thё chёёsё piёs cool for a fёw minutёs, thёn rёmovё from thё pan and lёt cool complёtёly. Add a small spoonful of blackbёrry jam and top with a frёsh blackbёrry.

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