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Monday, April 22, 2019

Chocolate Honeycomb Caramello Slice

completely no-bake and totally delicious! This super simple slice is a yummy variation on our classic Caramello slice.

220 g Caramello chocolate
1 250g packet of plain biscuits – crushed
60 g butter
½ - ¾ (200-300g) tin condensed milk I find that it sometimes depends on the type of biscuits you use as to whether you need a little more or less
¼ cup (20g) coconut
100 g chocolate honeycomb chopped
220 g block plain chocolate for topping
20 g coconut oil optional

Crush biscuits in a food processor.
Break chocolate into pieces and melt with butter in the microwave.
Stir in condensed milk, coconut, crushed biscuits and chocolate honeycomb.

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