Avocado Frittata with Cotija and Mozzarella Cheese

It’s a simple idea, but this Avocado Frittata with Cotija and Mozzarella Cheese was so amazingly good.

2 oz. crumbled Cotija Cheese(see notes) or use Feta if you don’t want to buy Cotija cheese
1/2 cup grated Mozarella
1/4 cup sliced green onion
8 eggs, beaten well
2 T milk or half and half (optional)
2 tsp. olive oil (more or less, depending on your pan)
1/2 tsp. Spike Seasoning (or use any all-purpose seasoning that’s good on eggs)
fresh-ground black pepper to taste
1 large avocado, sliced lengthwise
Crumble the Cotija cheese to get 2 ounces, and grate Mozzarella (or use pre-grated Mozzarella like I did.)  Slice the green onion.  Beat eggs (with the milk or half-and-half if using) until the whites and yolks are well combined.
Adjust the oven rack so it’s about 4-5 inches under the broiler and turn broiler on.
Heat the oil in a heavy oven-proof frying pan over medium-low heat.  (Depending on the pan, you might need a little more oil.)
When the pan feels hot when you hold your hand over it, add the eggs, season with Spike Seasoning and fresh-ground black pepper,  and let eggs cook for about 2 minutes, just until they’re starting to look cooked on the edges.  (I usually take a rubber scraper and run it around the edges, but it’s probably not really necessary!)

full instruction : kalynskitchen.com

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